The 4 Prestigious Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

The 4 Prestigious Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

If you live in the San Antonio area and need legal assistance for a divorce, it’s crucial to discover a qualified lawyer who comprehends your particular requirements. To acquire the outcomes that are ideal for you, our team finds the top Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio.

The 4 Prestigious Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

1. Lisa A Vance Divorce Lawyer

Ms. Vance’s practice has recently placed a strong emphasis on family and marital conflicts. She advocates for a more compassionate approach to ending a marriage since she believes that a family’s resources should be focused on the healthy development of children rather than on marital strife. Ms. Vance collaborates closely with mental health professionals so that clients can recover instead of harming the people they love and have loved.

As a result, the company advocates collaborative legal whenever it is appropriate for marital issues. Yet, Ms. Vance’s trial abilities effectively advance her clients and their children’s best interests when it comes to family protection.

Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

Trial Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio Lisa Vance has achieved notable verdicts for businesses facing difficult issues. They include potentially harmful vicarious liability claims for murder and sexual assault as well as voluminous nationwide litigation.

In the Southwest, Ms. Vance has tried first-impression cases in state and federal courts at all levels, debating emerging legal doctrines both in the courtroom and on appeal. Peers have given Lisa A. Vance the highest rating for competence and ethics, earning her an AV rating and having the company listed in the Martindale-Hubble Bar Registry of Preeminent Attorneys.

The National Association of Professional and Executive Women’s VIP Division just honored Ms. Vance “Woman of the Year” (and was so named in 2010 and 2011 as well). Since 2006, SA Scene Monthly Magazine has named Lisa as one of the “Best Family Attorneys in San Antonio.” Scene Publishing LLC, SA Scene. Lisa Vance was once again selected as one of the “Best Litigation Lawyers” in the City and included again for family law in the journal in August 2015.

2. Jodi Soyars

In San Antonio, Jodi Soyars practices aggressive, board-certified criminal defense law. She was named one of the Top 100 Criminal Law Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio by the National Trial Lawyers, one of the Top 10 DWI Attorneys in San Antonio by Best DWI Attorney, and one of the Top 10 Female Family Law Advocates in San Antonio by the American Family Law Institute.

Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

Jodi Soyars recognized the need to assist in defending her client’s rights to their children and property in the family law courts while working to defend their freedom (and careers) in criminal law courts because frequently a client was being falsely accused of a crime as a way for an aggrieved spouse to gain an advantage in the divorce and custody proceedings. Call Jodi Soyars right away for assistance if you find yourself facing a criminal charge or need assistance defending your rights to your children or property against an enraged spouse.

3. J. Michael Clay Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

J. Michael Clay graduated with honors from the University of Texas at El Paso with a B.A. in Political Science in 1988. He earned his law degree from the University of Houston Law Center in 1991, placing in the top third of his class.

He handled only family law matters while working as a student Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio for the University of Houston Legal Aid Clinic while he was enrolled in the University of Houston Law Center. In addition, he assisted the late Judge John Montgomery in the 309th District Court of Harris County, Texas, as an intern lawyer (a court dedicated exclusively to family-law matters).

Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

He served as a law clerk for a general practice Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio Oscar Nipper, Esq., during his second and third years of law school. After graduating, he remained on staff with the firm until 1992.

J. Michael Clay relocated to San Antonio in 1992, where he started working alone and established The Law Office of J. Michael Clay, P.C. Since then, J. Michael Clay has mostly handled family law issues for hundreds of clients in and around Bexar County, Texas. J. Michael Clay belongs to both the San Antonio Bar Association and the Texas Bar Association’s Family Law Section. He has been granted permission by the Texas Supreme Court to practice law in all Texas courts as well as the Federal District Court (Western Division of Texas).

4. Joseph Hoelscher

Joe Hoelscher is a nationally renowned criminal and family court trial Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio who has won numerous awards for his commitment to zealously defending his clients. Since his mother’s disappearance and murder in 1986, Joe has been involved in the legal system, and he is aware of how difficult the court system can be on clients and families seeking legal aid.

He has therefore committed his legal business to guide his clients through the court system so they might receive justice and find solace. In order to help clients build their cases while resolving the issues that brought them into contact with the legal system, whether in civil, criminal, or federal court, the Hoelscher Law Office routinely uses specialists and counselors.

Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio

In order to better understand the needs of his clients, Hoelscher has purposefully filled his practice with successful individuals who have had experience appearing in court as litigants, victims, and witnesses. He has therefore been successful in defending clients in illustrious civil and criminal cases that have been featured in publications including the New York Daily News, Washington Times, and America’s Most Wanted. Joe has written books and frequently speaks at public gatherings and legal seminars.

He promotes the aggressive trial-oriented legal practice and client-centered legal representation. Joe is a native of San Antonio; he attended MacArthur High School and has three graduate degrees from Baylor Law School and St. Mary’s University. He resides in San Antonio with his wife, Melissa, and three children, Louisa, Ceciliadivorce Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio, and Wolfgang, while also working throughout Texas. Via his pro bono legal practice, which focuses on children’s issues, the rights of the poor accused, voters’ rights, and First and Second Amendment issues, he supports a number of social causes.


Working with a lawyer with experience in family law and the ability to adapt their strategy to each unique circumstance is crucial because no two divorces are the same. We hope the top 4 Divorce Lawyer In San Antonio we suggest below can help you in solving the marriage problem.


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