Top 3 Well-Known Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia You Should Know

Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

Nobody wants to divorce their spouse, and the process is seldom simple. Life-changing decisions need to be taken, and even if you think you and your partner are on the same page, conflicts can still occur and make things more difficult. It’s essential to have a knowledgeable and competent divorce attorney on your side from the beginning, regardless of whether your divorce is uncontested or there are issues to be settled. You can collaborate with one of the Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia listed below.

Top 3 Well-Known Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

1. Lee Anthony Ciccarelli- the Ciccarelli Law Offices

Ciccarelli Law Offices, a litigation law firm with an emphasis on family law, criminal defense, and personal injury cases, was founded by Lee Ciccarelli. When clients need it most, the Ciccarelli Law office battles for them by taking on challenging situations.

The real commitment of Ciccarelli Law Offices to serve the public, combat injustice, and achieve results makes it as distinctive as its creator. In Chester County, Pennsylvania, Lee Ciccarelli established the company after conceiving of a vision for a law business that would be devoted to the interests of its customers.

Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

With ten years of trial and negotiation experience in cases and forums all over the state, from Philadelphia to Harrisburg, Williamsport, Coudersport, York, Lancaster, West Chester, and Media, Lee Ciccarelli started his own practice. The State of Arizona and the larger Phoenix metro area are now included in that experience.

Ciccarelli’s trial experience, which includes both criminal defense and personal injury cases, forms the basis for a practice that has the moral fiber, drive, and expertise required for even the most challenging legal battles.

2. Kevin Zlock- A famous Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

Being one of the leading family law attorneys in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, for more than 28 years, Kevin Zlock has had a highly successful career. One of the founding partners of Zlock, PC is attorney Kevin Zlock. The company has locations in Yardley and Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Kevin Zlock earned his J.D. in 1990 from Pennsylvania State University’s Dickinson School of Law.

Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

According to all accounts, Kevin is the most renowned Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia for his demonstrable success in custody disputes. He is without a doubt a gifted and tough litigator who is meticulously prepared for Court, even though it is always his intention to settle custody disputes outside of court, in a way that is in the best interests of the children.

3. John M. Kenney

Since 1983, John M. Kenney has been a practicing attorney in southeast Pennsylvania. He has a lot of expertise representing clients in cases including family law, bankruptcy, personal injury, and criminal defense.

Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

Mr. Kenney, a resident of Bucks County, is qualified to practice law in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mr. Kenney initially practiced law in a small general practice firm in New Jersey before moving back to Pennsylvania to start his own, client-centered firm. The Pennsylvania law company of John M. Kenney Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia represents clients in a variety of interrelated practice areas, unlike many law firms that concentrate on only one area of the law.

Mr. Kenney defends the interests of each of his clients by offering legal services in numerous connected areas of law. He also helps each client foresee and handle foreseeable issues while working to settle current ones.

The personalized legal solutions to meet our unique needs.

Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia Offer Devoted Assistance And Competent Representation In Divorce Negotiations And Litigation.
Going through a divorce is surely a difficult period, even if it’s amicable. Both fault (adultery, bigamy, cruelty, etc.) and no-fault (“irretrievable breakdown of the marriage”) grounds for divorce are recognized by the state of Pennsylvania. Call them to discuss your specific circumstances with a knowledgeable Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia because the law can be complicated in all states. We provide specialized legal solutions to address the particular demands of our clients.

Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

1. Distribution of Marital Assets and Debts:

How to divide assets including the joint home, cars and other possessions, bank accounts, retirement funds, family companies, and more is a crucial issue. Protecting your interests and making sure you maintain the assets you deserve are our top priorities.

2. Child Custody:

While joint custody is typically shared by both parents, it is possible for one parent to be granted sole custody if the court finds that it is in the child’s best interests. If one parent is given primary custody, the child will reside with them most of the time and alternate visits with the other parent according to a schedule established by the court. We’ll fight for a result that safeguards both your bond with your child and their future.

3. Child Support:

If one parent is given primary custody, they may ask the other to pay child support to help with the child’s living costs. Courts take into account the kid’s unique requirements as well as the gross income of each parent when determining the proper amount of child support.

4. Spousal Support (Alimony):

In a divorce, the spouse with the lesser income may get spousal support, also known as alimony. It is meant to assist kids in adjusting to providing for themselves. The amount and duration are established based on a number of variables, such as the length of the marriage, the gross income of each spouse, their respective earning capacity, how long it would take the spouse with the lower income to complete college or work training, etc.

The 6 Main Fault Divorce

The Pennsylvania Divorce Statute still includes Fault Grounds, which allow an “innocent and damaged spouse” to obtain a divorce without the other party’s consent or after two years of separation, even if their use is currently relatively unusual in Pennsylvania. These grounds are frequently employed strategically or as a tool rather than as a goal in and of themselves today. If you think your scenario fits into one of the following descriptions, get in touch with Sadek and Cooper to talk about whether bringing fault grounds up instead of or in addition to no-fault grounds could help your case.

Divorce Lawyer In Philadelphia

1. Adultery

Adultery is when a married person engages in sexual activity voluntarily with someone who is not their husband. Recrimination, insanity, and the putative innocent spouse receiving an ancillary benefit are just a few of the defenses that might be used against an adultery accusation.

2. Brutal and cruel treatment

Where the defendant has put the filing spouse’s life or health in jeopardy, the innocent spouse may file for divorce on the basis of cruel and barbaric treatment. If the act is severe enough, a divorce can be granted based on a single, isolated episode of cruel and barbaric treatment. Contrarily, the indignities-based divorce ground (described below) calls for an ongoing pattern of behavior.

3. Bigamy

When the defendant knowingly joined a bigamous marriage while a previous marriage was still going strong, an innocent and aggrieved spouse may be granted a divorce on the grounds of bigamy. Bigamy may also be a reason for a marriage to be dissolved.

4. Verdict for a crime

The innocent and hurt spouse may file for divorce when the defendant is found guilty of a crime and given a sentence of two years or more in jail.

5. Indignities

Vulgarity, unjustified criticism, frequent rudeness, negligence, deliberate impoliteness, obvious scorn, harsh language or mockery, and other signs of hostility or estrangement are examples of indignities. If it can be proven that the defendant subjected the innocent spouse to such humiliation that they made their situation intolerable and their lives burdensome, a divorce may be granted.

6. Metal Disease

When the defendant was institutionalized for 18 months prior to the filing of the complaint due to insanity or a significant mental illness, this is regarded as grounds for divorce.


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