Top 7 best divorce lawyer in Brooklyn

Top 7 best divorce lawyer in Brooklyn
Top 7 best divorce lawyer in Brooklyn

Household lawyers regularly deal with separation issues, but this may not be limited to topics pertinent to a divorce. Other areas of family law may include family violence intervention orders, annulment of marriages, spousal maintenance, and child support. When you want the services of separation and also a family lawyer, it is often a very difficult period in one’s life. Let’s follow us to find out about the divorce lawyer in Brooklyn in this post!

Best divorce lawyer in Brooklyn

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC is a law firm in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. It represents people in disputed, uncontested, and military divorce cases. The practice aids clients in processing and preparing necessary documents, as well as resolving financial issues. It also handles appeals, changes, relocation requests, and issues involving settlement enforcement. It also assists couples in resolving alimony disputes. Robert Aronov, the managing partner, is admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Robert Aronov & Associates, PC
Robert Aronov & Associates, PC: Divorce lawyer in Brooklyn

Alatsas Law Firm

Ted Alatsas is the founder of the Alatsas Law Firm in Brooklyn. Alatsas is a family law and divorce attorney that specializes in the dissolution of marriage and all aspects of divorce, such as child custody and visitation, child support, pre-and post-nuptial agreements, and spousal maintenance. He handles the two divorce alternatives accessible in New York to couples who want to dissolve their marriages: no-fault divorce and at-fault divorce. He hopes to assist people in navigating family court proceedings with ease and confidence.

Arnel Law Firm

Arnel Law Firm, based in Brooklyn, is a competent legal practice that has handled divorce and family law disputes for over 35 years. Curt Arnel, the firm’s founder, is a former CPA who uses his skills to help customers with divorce issues such as child support, alimony, and asset split. High-net-worth divorce, same-sex divorce, and disputed and uncontested divorce are all areas of practice. In addition, Mr. Arnel counsels clients on divorce-related tax difficulties.

Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C

Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C. is a law practice that assists Brooklyn families in divorce proceedings. Spousal support, disputed divorce, child custody, and separation agreements are all handled by the legal team. Its attorneys guide persons planning to file divorce petitions through the divorce procedure with a sympathetic client approach.

They conduct negotiations for high-net-worth individuals in order to assist customers in reaching mutually beneficial agreements. They also collaborate with forensic accountants to avoid the discovery of concealed assets.

Ella Royzman PLLC

Ella Royzman PLLC 
Ella Royzman PLLC: Divorce lawyer in Brooklyn

Ella Royzman PLLC is a Brooklyn law firm that represents people going through a divorce. The business handles both uncontested and contested divorces, and its attorneys advise clients on New York divorce laws as well as issues such as abandonment, adultery, and irreversible marital failures. Divorce-related practice areas include spousal support and alimony, asset partition, and child support and custody. Ella Royzman, who formed the firm in 2001, handles further family law problems such as grandparents’ rights, relocations, and visitations.

Geller Law PLLC

Geller Law PLLC is a Brooklyn law company that serves clients in a variety of divorce problems. Contested and uncomplicated divorce, lightning divorce, legal separations, annulments, and pre and postnuptial agreements are all areas of practice. The firm’s attorneys assist clients in obtaining divorce judgments for issues such as abandonment and infidelity, as well as counseling in areas such as spousal maintenance, child custody and support, and marital asset division.

The Law Office of Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Garcia Law Office is a Brooklyn-based law firm that helps clients in contentious and uncontested divorce disputes. Jennifer Garcia, the firm’s founding attorney, focuses her practice on marital and family law, handling separation agreements, annulments, divorce by publication, name changes, and spousal support problems. Attorney Garcia earned her Juris Doctor from Albany Law School, and she also practices domestic violence, family offense processes, and child custody.

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Divorce lawyer in Brooklyn
Divorce lawyer in Brooklyn

Frequently, one or both parties find the situation intolerable, and it is frequently not in the best interest of any of the parties or the children. Nonetheless, both occurrences frequently keep the setting that neither will leave. It is difficult to obtain an appropriate order for one party to leave the house, despite the fact that it is readily available.

We are excited to announce that our Chermside office is now open for business (divorce lawyer in Brooklyn). We can now assist a lot more people in need of an attorney who truly cares, and who can provide a speedy, inexpensive resolution to their family law concerns, with fixed rates for certainty, so our clients remain in control of their expenses.” Family Attorney Chermside Barton Family Lawyers is a family-owned firm that specializes in the provision of quality family law solutions from our Petrie and Chermside offices.

She has been exercising household law solely for over 10 years. Courtney is assisted by a committed team that is ready to help with your family regulation issues. Our Family Members Lawyers Chermside is professional in Family Law and is committed to offering outstanding high-quality service to every one of our clients.


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